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Audio sermons

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Campmeeting 2021 Sermons

Youth Ministries

Does the Adventist Church have music guidelines by Pr. Ted Wilson

Senior Youth Leadership (SYL) iCOR materials (zip)

Children Ministries

Children Ministries handbook

Corona virus (Covid-19) resources

Healthy Celebrations

Reach a child, Reach the world

Reaching the world strategic plan 2020-2025

Children ministries leadership certification

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Ministering to women

Women ministries seminars materials

Women ministries sermons written by women and for the women

Nurture resources for women ministries

Empowerment resources for women ministries

Outreach resources for women ministries

International Women’s day of prayer

International Women’s day of prayer sermons archives

Sabbath School & Personal Ministries

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Bringing people to decision


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Principles of Church Growth

The Family: the heart of the matter

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