Proper use of Voice

Articles November 11, 2020

Right Voice Culture No Idle Tale—The human agent
must take himself in hand. God has given him physical and
spiritual powers, and these need to be constantly cultivated
and improved. In a great measure, physical weariness may
be avoided by speaking slowly, calmly, unexcitedly.

In speaking, many have made a constant tax upon their vocal organs. The lungs have been injured, and premature death has ended their work. Nature will not always endure the abuse placed upon her laws. They are ignored by many, but eventually she will make her protest, and punish the transgressor. If these workers would but learn that God does not require this over taxation, and that in overstraining the delicate vital organs and shortening the period of their usefulness, they are dishonoring Him, they would not cultivate habits which are injurious.

The excuse is made, “It is my habit; it is my way, and I cannot overcome it.” Will my brethren take heed how they use the organs of speech in the ministration of the Word? They are to follow God’s way, and not their own will. Christ has given them no such example in His manner of teaching.
His followers are to make strenuous efforts to overcome their habits of long, loud speaking. This greatly injures the melody of the human voice.

God means that those who minister in word and doctrine shall be educators in the correct manner of teaching. They must stand before the people as God’s representatives, showing that they appreciate the precious gifts given them of God. They are to use, but not abuse, their organs. They are not to make the blind, foolish excuse, “This is my habit; I cannot overcome these defects.” They will not continue to abuse the powers given them of God for the highest cultivation, and by their imperfect habits, detract from the good
they might do. The Lord will help all who will determine to overcome these wrong traits when presenting His message to the world.

This matter has been treated too much like an idle tale. It is a most solemn consideration, and should deepen the sense of responsibility upon every man who is a mouthpiece for God, holding forth the word of life to the people. The ministers of God should study to show themselves approved of
God in the presentation of sacred truth, workmen that need not to be ashamed.

The truth spoken, whether spoken in a manner to please or displease, will judge the hearer in the great day of final reckoning. It is a savor of life unto life or of death unto death. Under any circumstances the speaker will be criticized by those who turn their ears away from the truth, but every effort should be made to reach the people. The minister is the teacher of sacred, solemn truth, and he should seek for perfection in character, in address, giving as little cause as possible for criticism. Man is honored in being a laborer together with God, and he must work in Christ’s lines, receiving the truth in its purity from the Word of God, and presenting it in a manner that will commend it to the hearer.

This article is excerpted from the book The Voice in Speech and
Song, pp. 201, 202 by Ellen G. White.