The Good That Religious Groups And Churches Do

Today, some religions have made its way into several global conflicts, and there’s no doubt that religion can be very divisive and even cause harm. Having said that, numerous religious groups, churches, and individuals across the world show day-to-day demonstrations that faith can provide strong spiritual wisdom, be the primary agency for significant service to world and promote peace in every nation.
Without further ado, lets us look at ten examples of how religious groups and churches are doing good throughout the world in no particular order.


1. Teaching families essential tools for the disease prevention
The Compassion United Kingdom is a Christian organization which runs several charities, including Child Survival Programme that works with the caregivers and expecting mothers to avert malnutrition by teaching them how to care better for their kids and prevent illnesses.

2. Giving previously gang-involved youths a second chance
Established by Greg Boyle in 1988, Homeboy Industries now supports previously gang-involved and imprisoned youths transition into a prosperous and healthy livelihood. On top of providing social services, including tattoo removal, mental health services, case management, and much more, Homeboy operates many social enterprises.
One such initiative is Homegirl Cafe and Catering that employs past criminals, usually in their first actual jobs, helping them through an eighteen-month training program for the career development.

3. Inspiring children to care for environment through the immersive workshops
The Teva Learning Center often hosts immersive retreats and classes focused on Jewish commitment to the Tikkun Olam — healing the world. They also provide a series of the youth programs aimed at encouraging children to recognize the beauty in a natural environment and always work towards sustainability in their communities.

4. Distributing mosquito nets throughout African countries to prevent malaria
The Lutheran Malaria Initiative funds and offers education and bed nets for the malaria prevention Mali, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. So far, the project has already attained 2.4 million individuals, according to its website, and there are plans on spreading out to Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana and Niger in the future.

5. Providing support groups and training for individuals with disabilities in Sierra Leone
Established in 2010 by a special group of the concerned Christian women, The Women of Hope International works with individuals living with various disabilities in Sierra Leone. It operates the HOPE center in Makeni, Sierra Leone that offers meetings, support groups, training, and the career development to many women in the entire community.


6. Making the LGBT rights a crucial matter of religious freedom
In April, the UCC (United Church of Christ) did file a very significant lawsuit against state of North Carolina for what the churches considered a violation of the freedom of religion. The law of the state makes it a crime to do a wedding event for a couple who doesn’t have a license that the UCC argued the infringes upon the clergy’s freedom of religion.

7. Bringing different high school students together for the multicultural training
Agencies of Aga Khan Development Network partnered with Jamati Institutions of Ismaili Muslim community to establish a leadership program for the high school students -Global Encounters. In fact, this month-long program engages students in the workshops focused on leadership, service, and culture.

8. Sending the humanitarian assistance to the disaster regions
Khalsa Aid is a Sikh humanitarian organization which sends relief to the disaster areas. The group recently served in the Haiti following a devastating earthquake in 2010 to collect sleeping bags and dry foods for the thousands of families displaced.

9. Advocating for the homeless and poor through affordable housing
Back Bay Mission always tries to meets the basic needs of those suffering due to high poverty and its effects while creating pathways to the social justice. One way they achieve this is through an affordable housing initiative that assists homeless families, and people secure, safe, and affordable housing.

10. Creating and supporting an online community of the social justice activists
The Faith-based Regeneration Network is a distinct online resource for the religious, social action and the community development. The website of the group organizes resources and information about social justice events and activities in the United Kingdom.