How religious believes occurred and why people still believe in god

Today, many people simply just don’t give a thought why some people still continue to believe in soul, God, the afterlife, despite all the modern knowledge we have. In fact, there are simply no grounds for such believes, except for ancient superstitious delusions and ignorant conjectures.


Unlike modern people, for ancient men it was very difficult to understand the essence of natural phenomena. Not knowing the nature of many phenomena and events, an ancient man perceived them mostly emotionally, rather than intelligently.

An ancient man could witness such bizarre natural phenomena as the northern lights, lightning, ball lightning, the fall of comets and meteorites, cumulus clouds resembling faces or silhouettes of people and animals, quaint landscapes, forms of stones, rocks, tree crowns, etc. Also, an ancient person could see dreams, get sick and see or hear hallucinations. In a dream or delirium, an ancient person could see a long-dead relative or fantastic creatures. All this caused the ancient man’s surprise, bewilderment and fear.

But having only a primitive superficial knowledge about nature, world and about own body, the ancient man could not somehow logically explain what is happening to him. Therefore, the ancient people began to form an idea about the world of spirits, souls of the dead, fantastic creatures, gods.

Then the ancient man decided that the spirits ancestors and fantastic creatures show themselves and come in dreams for a reason, with some purpose. Ancient man decided that they can influence his life and the surrounding reality: to help or punish. This led to forming of religious ideas.

Religion in its modern form was established when a sustainable cult of a certain god appeared. The main signs that turn a belief into religion are: oral (tradition) or written source (the religious norms fixed in text: names of deities, “prophets”, description of rituals, dogmas and rules), presence of the supreme representative of the cult (high priest, patriarch); religious buildings for the performance of the religious rites (temples, prayer houses, squares, etc.).

Why we still believe in God now

Ancient man could not be guided by the knowledge of the true cause of religion because of his ignorance and his inability to think objectively and logically (that is, the ancient people sincerely believed that the gods help them to send rains, preserve crops, punish them through natural disasters, communicate through various natural phenomena). But modern people can see this belief in soul and God in its real light: to see that all this is nothing but an ignorant delusion and speculations.

Why do modern people remain believers? The fact is that modern people, despite all the achievements of science and technology, remain largely unhappy, many people’s needs remain unfulfilled, and needs – unsatisfied. This is due to both – actual deprivation and social problems, and the constant desire of a person for greater (ideal life, happiness). In many ways people remain unhappy with reality, dreaming of a mythical prosperity that they can not reach.


Religions in abundance and hypocritically promise this prosperity, consolation, retribution for all the “inconveniences of life.” However religions promise all this, as a rule, not here and now and in the next life, in the so-called life after death. And this has its result: ignorant people dissatisfied with life adhere to promises of all kinds of benefits, especially since it takes very little from them to get them – to consider themselves to be a part of one of the religious organizations (sects, confessions), simply to believe “in something just in case, to replenish the statistics of believers, to feed up the religious system (priests and mullahs are fed from the budget due to the fact that believers “need” them).

Why should we not believing in God?

Because all the reasons why modern people believe in God are based on ancient delusions, primitive superstitions, irrational dreams and unfounded fears. These reasons of faith are designed for stupid and weak-willed people, ignorant inhabitants, these reasons are not worthy of serious treatment. The whole faith in God is simply not worthy to be taken seriously. Belief in God is not serious, primitive, ridiculous and stupid.