How do Churches Market themselves and Gain New Parishioners

A church, as an establishment of a certain religion, operates on many different levels. First and foremost, these represent the views and practices of the religious groups that operate them. Aside from this, they offer services to their parishioners on a predefined schedule, while many churches also have an additional open door policy for everyone. But, while many aspects of operating a church are directly connected to its religion, there are also those which are purely connected to the ideas from the domain of business. Here, the biggest one comes in the form of the dilemma many churches have – how to attract new parishioners into their flock. Fortunately, for any religious establishment that desires to attain this, there are ways how some key business practices, mainly from the domain of marketing, can be successfully applied here. Here are the most important elements that will help a church bring in new parishioners.


Using Social Media

Every business utilizes social media in the modern day. Thanks to networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others, people can stay in touch with any brand they want. The same applies to a church, which is why every aspiring church community should have its own social media accounts. Here, they can spread their positive message and allow for a huge range of people that use social media to get in contact with them. Importantly, this will also allow the church to reach young people as well.

Using Signs and Banners


A church is a physical location and many people walk by or drive by it on a daily basis. Here, a huge potential for brand marketing can be found. With the use of physical message platforms like signs, banners, and banner displays, a church will be able to reach the people who are in daily contact with their location. This way, anyone who becomes interested in their message can simply walk in an eventually become a part of the same parishioners. Signs and banners also have an advantage of being very affordable, especially when it is taken into consideration how many people can see their message.


Participating in Local Media

Representatives of a church should never shy away from publicity. As active members of a religious group, but also the same community at large, they are often very well versed in the occurrences in the same area. Because of this, they will be regularly contacted by media representatives like journalists and TV hosts who will want their opinions. A smart marketing move would be for them to accept these inquiries with open arms, mainly because of the media’s ability to reach people in the same community. If the residents of a certain neighborhood, for example, regularly see a priest on the local TV, they will be more inclined to give a try what the same religious group and their church have to offer.

With these business and marketing ideas, any church will stand a lot better chance of attracting new parishioners to their religion.